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The Workshop of true Happiness

Is happiness produced here? No, not quite - but something like that.

Since 2004 already, our articles have been sent to you, our dear customers, and often given away. That we are allowed to do what we love so much and even more importantly that you like it - that is our greatest happiness. That's why we want to introduce ourselves and show you who is behind the Adelheid brand.

We are a small team and work with a lot of love for our products in our open office in beautiful Trier - where you can look over our shoulder almost anytime. Here we create with humor and a lot of fun the designs, pack the packages and from time to time we also have a factory outlet where we are looking forward to your visit!

Our felt slippers are manufactured in our slipper workshop in picturesque Portugal. Under fair conditions of course and by a great team! We are always enthusiastic about the precise and detailed embroideries and unpack every new delivery for you with great pleasure.

You can find more information from our team in the interview on

Die Werkstatt des wahren Glücks

The felt slipper

The original Adelheid felt slipper is in the true sense of the word our lucky charm.

I made your Shoes

The original Adelheid felt slipper is literally our lucky charm. It is made in Portugal from genuine Italian wool felt. It transports our messages, serves as a canvas for new designs and cooperations and is simply insanely comfortable. It simply brings you and us so much joy and happiness - we are very grateful for that.

Many thousands of times he has left the workshop and made many feet happy at home. It is packed in a beautiful gift box - and there is a reason for that.

Because: already knew? 80% of our customers are you - girls! But you also like to order slippers for your men and give them away to feel good. That pleases us!

Adelheid on the road

When we are not in our office or packing your packages, you can find us at events and fairs. Of course we will inform you about the current dates here.

Our great team

Anne Pörsch

Anne has accompanied the Adelheid brand from the very beginning and has experienced and helped shape a lot. From the design of the very first bag to the brand's current online presence. Her future plans include the design of the very first bag and the brand's current online presence. Next stop: maybe she would rule the world? No, just kidding...

Anne´s favourite slipper: TOTOOLYA Plants

Anne Pörsch
Verena Ludwig

Verena Ludwig

Verena is also a primary rock in the Adelheid cosmos and makes sure that everything is in its place in the warehouse and that everything happens in its time in Portugal. The Brain.

Verena´s favourite slipper: Schlauer Fuchs

Markus Struzyna

One of the founding fathers of Adelheid - stress-resistant and very busy making new lucky charms and then selling them right away. The cock in our office basket.

Markus´ favourite slipper: Echter Kerl

Markus Struzyna
Madeleine Rathmann

Madeleine Rathmann

Madeleine's heart beats for Adelheid - for a long time now. We are overjoyed to have her on board - because since 2020 she has been putting all your personalization wishes on the slippers with much love and care, and soon much more...

Madeleine´s favourite slipper: Abenteurerin Leo

Filip Karnowka

Filip is our first trainee in the profession of "e-commerce salesman". Since August 2019 he supports our team in their daily tasks, has an open ear for all customer wishes and is allowed to learn one of the most exciting professions we know - and love!

Filip´s favourite slipper: Platzhirsch Hipster

Filip Karnowka